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PDM Implementor forum preparation

As described in the page “PDM interoperability”, the PDM data model of STEP AP 242 is harmonized with other ISO 10303 Applications Protocols, such as AP 239 “Product Life Cycle Support” and AP 209 “Multi disciplinary analysis and design”

STEP AP 242  supports 2 implementation formats and 2 information models:
1)    AP 242 AIM  model with part 21 format
2)    AP 242 Business Object model with  XML format  and XSD schema
In order to ensure upward compatibility between these 2 formats, there is a need for the development and qualification of PDM recommended practices describing the bi directional mapping between these 2 formats.
More generally, PDM interoperability standards without recommended practices suffer of limitations and lack of a common interpretation by the PDM vendors / integrators.
Therefore several industries associations and standardization projects have agreed to prepare a white paper for the setting up of a joint PDM implementer forum.

The objectives of the future PDM implementer forum may be summed up with the following figure:


Report of the group activities

  • 28th of May 2013: Invitation of the PDM vendors / PDM integrators to the bi weekly teleconference of the “PDM IF white paper” project team,
  •  3rd of June 2013: face-to-face workshop during the ISO/TC 184/SC 4 at AFNOR in Paris

Main next actions

  • Sept. 2013, Charleston, PDES Inc, organization of an international workshop for the finalization of the PDM IF white paper
  • Mid of Nov. 2013: sending of the PDM IF white paper to the industries associations and PDM vendors / integrators for confirmation of support and participation
  • Mid of Dec. 2013: confirmation or not of the setting up of a joint PDM Implementer Forum supported by the aerospace and automotive industries,
  • Q2 2014: in case of confirmation of support by the stakeholders, start of the PDM IF as a yearly project